Ugh! - Day 5

I woke up this morning with the same routine. I hopped on the scale and I am down 1 more pound. I feel pretty good about my now consistent and steady weight loss. And a pound lost is better than a pound gained. My new weight is 190. Almost out of the 190s...thank GOD!

So off to work I go and this time instead of chicken for lunch, my boyfriend packed me some leftover steak from the night before. Breakfast is the same old.

I was doing fine until about 10 when my boss asked me to order pizza for a phone conference the next day. I logged on to Papa John's website and I was drooling over the pizza on the site. I could literally feel that warm pizza and taste those amazing flavors on my tongue. It was torture. How would I be tomorrow when the actual pizza was in the office? I was in panic.

After ordering the pizza, my mood completely shifted. I was no longer positive. I was cranky and eying everyone like they were a tasty food item. I went to lunch and ate my steak but I was dreaming it was pizza.

After work I went home and got my daughter ready for swim lessons. My boyfriend asked when we would be home and I told him about 6:45 and he told me that he would make me a turkey burger for dinner. Yum, finally something other than chicken or steak.

We got home from swim lessons and the smell of yummy food cooking welcomed me when I came in the door. My stomach was growling like crazy. I don't think my stomach has growled for food as much as it has this week. The crazy thing is that I don't feel hungry. I just crave certain foods. We sat at the table for dinner. My boyfriend and my daughter had a turkey burger on a roll and I had mine on a bed of spinach. It was so good. SO GOOD!! The flavors were strong and it tasted like heaven on spinach. After I finished my meal, or devoured it, I asked him what he seasoned them with. He told me he used Lawry's Season Salt. I grabbed the container of the seasoning salt and read the ingredients. I immediately felt sick... SUGAR!!! NO! I can't have sugar... ok stay calm... I asked him how much he used and he said only a little. Ok, this isn't the end of the world. It wasn't his fault because he didn't know and he is being so supportive cooking for me. A little bit of sugar isn't going to kill my diet, right? All night I stewed over it. Let's hope that I didn't gain.


I wanted to post a fairly recent picture of me because I know most people (me included) love to see before and after pics. Not a great full body pic but it gets the point across.

Woo Hoo!! - Day 4

I hopped on the scale this morning and I am down 7 pounds!!! 7! Can you believe it?! Ok, so most of this is water weight and weekend overeating bloat but I don't care... New weight: 191

Talk about motivation right there. Seeing a loss was very significant on my "I can do it" mentality.

This day was a little different because I had to go to my nephew's graduation. So my boyfriend went and got us some coffee (oh ya, I can have coffee as long as it is black). We went over to the graduation ceremony and watched my nephew get his high school diploma. Afterward my family went to lunch... not me. I couldn't get to work fast enough. I am so not ready for temptation. I will deal with that later...tonight. Ugh!

I ate strawberries a little later in the day but that is ok. I had leftover chicken and lettuce for lunch and boy was that chicken dry. I choked it down.

After work we went over to my sister's house for a pre-father's day celebration for my dad before my parents headed back home. I walked in the house and my sister had made chile absolute favorite. The smell was amazing. My boyfriend had gotten me a steak and a cucumber to make me so I wouldn't be tempted. He grilled my steak and cut up my cucumber and we all ate at the same table. My daughter wanted my food and its funny because I wanted hers. Afterward everyone had brownies, but me. But let me tell you, that is the best smell ever... fresh baked brownies. Or at least they smelled even better than they ever have because I couldn't have any.

I texted my best friend throughout the night complaining the whole time. She said something that has stuck in my head since... "skinny tastes better than that (insert food item here)". How true that is... I've never been thin. My whole life I have struggled with my weight. I would love to see how it feels to be thin. I will always be just a little heavy and have curves, but I'm ok with that. I just want to feel good in my own skin. I feel like a skinny girl trapped in a fat body. I'm pretty, I'm outgoing, and confident... now if only I can get my body to match up with that I would be ecstatic.

Not so hungry - Day 3

Official HCG Diet - June 13, 2011

On this morning I got on the scale and I weighed myself and ouch! Over the 2 day load, I'd gained 4 pounds. Up to 198 from 194. This sucks. Talk about demotivational. But that's ok, the diet says you can lose 1-2 pounds a day and I can have that off in 2 or 3 days.

My amazingly fantastic boyfriend made my food for me and off to work I went.

On the diet, you're allowed to have 2 servings of protein, 2 servings of fruits, and 2 servings of vegetables and from that, they have a specific list of what proteins, fruits, and veggies you can have. You're not allowed to cook the meat in oil and you can use seasonings as long as they don't contain sugar. You take the HCG drops before you eat but you can't have anything to eat or drink 10 minutes before or after you take the drops.

For breakfast I had a handful of strawberries and they were so good.
For lunch I had chicken on a bed of lettuce and an orange as a snack
For dinner my boyfriend made me a 3 ounce steak with some asparagus.

I'd say overall I ate really well and I wasn't as hungry as I thought I'd be. I decided to use
as a calorie tracker because not only are you watching what you eat, you're also watching how many calories you're consuming.I consumed 437 calories and for such a small amount, I wasn't that hungry. But I also have to drink a ton of water on the diet so that probably helped with the hunger.

Wow, this is easy - Days 1 and 2

Diet Started June 11, 2011 

I had been doing a lot of research on HCG and I finally decided to bite the bullet and order a bottle. I found a fair price on and I placed my order and waited for it to come in the mail. After I got my bottle of HCG drops in the mail I decided I was going to wait a bit to start it out. I said I was going to hit the gym and watch what I eat before my vacation. Well time passed and I got busy and the 20 pounds that I said I was going to drop before my vacation weren't going anywhere.
I asked my boyfriend if he would cook for me and help me with the diet and he agreed. After reading the booklet included with my HCG I found out that you have 2 load days before starting the actual "diet" of 500 calories per day. So I overindulged. I ate everything that was put in front of me. I thought  "Wow, this is easy" But then the backup thought to that was "Is this my last meal? Do they let you overindulge because you have to say goodbye to all theses good foods?" Oh boy, here we go.