Ugh! - Day 5

I woke up this morning with the same routine. I hopped on the scale and I am down 1 more pound. I feel pretty good about my now consistent and steady weight loss. And a pound lost is better than a pound gained. My new weight is 190. Almost out of the 190s...thank GOD!

So off to work I go and this time instead of chicken for lunch, my boyfriend packed me some leftover steak from the night before. Breakfast is the same old.

I was doing fine until about 10 when my boss asked me to order pizza for a phone conference the next day. I logged on to Papa John's website and I was drooling over the pizza on the site. I could literally feel that warm pizza and taste those amazing flavors on my tongue. It was torture. How would I be tomorrow when the actual pizza was in the office? I was in panic.

After ordering the pizza, my mood completely shifted. I was no longer positive. I was cranky and eying everyone like they were a tasty food item. I went to lunch and ate my steak but I was dreaming it was pizza.

After work I went home and got my daughter ready for swim lessons. My boyfriend asked when we would be home and I told him about 6:45 and he told me that he would make me a turkey burger for dinner. Yum, finally something other than chicken or steak.

We got home from swim lessons and the smell of yummy food cooking welcomed me when I came in the door. My stomach was growling like crazy. I don't think my stomach has growled for food as much as it has this week. The crazy thing is that I don't feel hungry. I just crave certain foods. We sat at the table for dinner. My boyfriend and my daughter had a turkey burger on a roll and I had mine on a bed of spinach. It was so good. SO GOOD!! The flavors were strong and it tasted like heaven on spinach. After I finished my meal, or devoured it, I asked him what he seasoned them with. He told me he used Lawry's Season Salt. I grabbed the container of the seasoning salt and read the ingredients. I immediately felt sick... SUGAR!!! NO! I can't have sugar... ok stay calm... I asked him how much he used and he said only a little. Ok, this isn't the end of the world. It wasn't his fault because he didn't know and he is being so supportive cooking for me. A little bit of sugar isn't going to kill my diet, right? All night I stewed over it. Let's hope that I didn't gain.

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